Ulundu Flour

Made from 100% black gram this all natural product is ideal for making mouthwatering homemade thosais. Freshly made thosai with a spicy sambol is an all time favourite Sri Lankan meal. With Harischandra ulundu flour the quality and taste of the meal is assured. For a new twist try your homemade thosai with a Harishchandra pickle of your choice!

I00 % black gram

Kurakkan Flour

Harischandra 100% kurakkan flour is the convenient and healthy way to prepare roti. Roti made with this 100% Kurakkan flour are tasty and full of goodness. The versatile roti can be eaten with a fish or meat dish, or an onion sambol, or simply with a dab of butter and a Harischandra pickle of your choice.

100 % kurakkan

Rice Flour

Made from 100% rice Harischandra rice flour has been trusted in homes for generations. This versatile flour has been the base for tasty home cooked traditional meals such as string hoppers, pittu and hoppers. With Harischandra rice flour you are sure of preparing meals that are of quality and taste.

100 % rice



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